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audio - inudge

2011-02-03 15:51:22 by hojohaakonhnes

i made a techno song using!
listen to it on the audio portal!


2010-10-13 21:46:38 by hojohaakonhnes

just uploaded something i made about half a year ago.

it's called: circuits 'n fixes

wallpapers uploaded!

2010-09-19 14:24:39 by hojohaakonhnes

i have now uploaded all the wallpapers, yay!

wallpapers, and a clan.

2010-09-19 11:52:33 by hojohaakonhnes

i'm now uploading almost all of my wallpapers to newgrounds, you can also find them here:

also: im in a multi mmo game clan called "the timberwolves", and i hope you can join: *clan is shut down (i think, not sure)*

hi, this is the first post!

2009-02-09 18:00:04 by hojohaakonhnes


hi, this is the first post!